Staffroom Hire

Staffroom & Meeting Room Booking Policy

Booking Fees

1 - 4 hours $50

5+ hours $100

Guidelines & Procedures

  • Wash, dry, and put away all dishes used.

  • If tea towels are used, these must be washed, dried, and returned asap.

  • Excessive amounts of leftover food must be taken away.

  • All rubbish to be taken away. No rubbish is to be left in the kitchen or put in school bins.

  • Smoking and Alcohol is strictly prohibited.

  • For larger gatherings (8+ people), floors need to be swept/vacuumed and mopped.

  • Staffroom and outside toilets need to be cleaned.

  • All surfaces need to be wiped down using hot soapy water and or disinfectant sprays.

  • Furniture to be left as it was found.

  • Buildings need to be locked on departure. Arrangements need to be made with a
    staff member to make sure this is done.

  • Toilet paper and hand towel use is included in the booking fee.

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