School Van Hire



To establish clear guidelines and procedures for staff using Te Kura O Te Moutere O Matakana Poumarumaru School Van.




Guidelines & Procedures

Maintenance, Compliance and Security

The Tumuaki shall be responsible for ensuring that the van;

·      Has a current warrant of fitness

·      Has a current registration

·      Up to date Road User Charges

·      Is regularly serviced and maintained in a good running condition

·      Insurance is up to date

·      Is washed regularly and polished as necessary to maintain its original appearance

·      Is available for policy purposes at all times

·      Has a log record of vehicle movement

·      Is provided with a safe parking space overnight and weekend parking. 

Health & Safety

Van Drivers

o   Filling in the log book, include the purpose of the trip, kilometers travelled, fuel fill up etc.

o   Any road infringements incurred during their use of the van

o   The security of the van when left unattended.

Reporting to the Tumuaki any problems or damage to the van. 


All accidents and incidents regardless of severity must be logged in the van accidents and incidents book and reported to the Tumuaki as soon as practicable. 

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